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3 Offbeat Places of Jaipur – Explore the Unexplored

Jaipur, the pink city is famous among the tourists for the forts, palaces, and picturesque buildings. But, is that all about Jaipur?

Apart from Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar, Jaipur has a lot more to amaze you. Here, we find out the top 3 offbeat places of Jaipur.

Kanota Dam

If scenic beauty fascinates you, Kanota Dam will offer you serenity coupled with photogenic views. Situated on national highway 11, on Aravalli hills, Kanota Dam is enough to release all your stress. This place is not considered as worth-seeing by others, but the blue sky and calmness of the river Dhoond will make your stay longer there.

Samode village

Samode village is a perfect destination for your Jaipur trip if you have the zeal to know the rural culture. This place is pretty famous for the camel safari. Samode village will show how the people are conserving the old culture. For the people with love for old tradition and culture, this place is a pure delight. Indeed the service apartment in Jaipur is quite far from this place but we recommend it as a must-visit to those who have the love to explore the unpopular places.

Abha Nagari or Abhaneri

Jaipur is a city filled with historical importance. But, a place even after having a rich history is quite underrated among the tourists. Abhaneri was ruled by Chahamanas, conquered by Mamud, Mughals, and Maratha Empire. Be ready to be amazed by the construction of Chand Baori stepwell. Harshad Mata Temple will also fill you with divinity.

These places are best for you if you want to avoid the crowd of the popular places of Jaipur. Actually, all the corners of Jaipur have own tales – all you need to explore the unexplored and see these 3 offbeat places of Jaipur. You can easily get a cab and bus from Service Apartments Jaipur to reach these offbeat places. So, do check in these places.