Finding the Bests of Jaipur in The Perfect Terms

Fairy Jaipur is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan, the birthplace of master jewelers, amazing historical objects and luxurious architecture. The city was built in the XVIII century by the learned astronomer Maharaja Jai Singh II and is the first city in India, built according to a single master plan of its founder. Today Jaipur is on the list of the so-called golden triangle of India, along with Delhi and Agra. A tourist in Jaipur will have where to truly turn around – the city will be pleased with picturesque parks, Hindu shrines, a luxurious ensemble of fortresses and castles, museums and, of course, colorful cafes and restaurants. Not to mention shopping (lovely ladies here in abundance of captivating eyes of jewelry)!

What to see in Jaipur?

If you decide to get acquainted with the culture of Jaipur, then you should visit the City Palace, which occupies the seventh part of this city and is a mixture of several architectural styles. While resting in Jaipur, you should definitely visit the Museum of Indology, where you can see some of the most rare and tiny works in the world. And in Fort Jaygarh, you will see the luster of palaces, pools and gardens that have survived. The most famous and preserved palace of India is the Khava Mahal, where the big harem of the Sultan’s wives lived with a thousand windows. The main attraction of Jaipur is Amber fort defensive on the lake. Large selection of markets and bazaars for shopping cloth, fruits, spices and hand-made souvenirs.

Where to stay

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