Jaipur Bringing You the best Views You Cannot Imagine

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, was built according to regulations written in ancient canonical texts on astrology and architecture, called “Shastri.” Maharaja Jai Singh II, an expert on astrology, using a set of tools to observe the sky, calculated the position of North India and considered a favorable date for the transfer of his capital from Amber on November 17, 1727. Then he chose a new place for it and planned according to the location of the stars and planets. Jaipur is a legendary city shrouded in medieval spirit and many legends. The walled city, whose walls weathered the piles of many rulers. A city in which exotic nature harmonizes remarkably with ancient architecture and the modern world. While staying in a historic hotel or Service Apartments Jaipur is the part of the history.

A little bit of history

The old city of Jaipur is partially surrounded by a battlement, in which openings for large gates are periodically visible. The main gate is Chandpol (Chandpol; floor means “gate”) , Sanganeri Gate and Ajmer Gate. The streets use to divide the Pink City into standard rectangles, each of which specialized in specific crafts. The old city main bazaars are the bazaars of Johari, Tripoli, Bapu and Chandpol.


Also an interesting place is the famous palace complex Amber – an amazing blend of luxury inner chambers and the harsh power of external fortifications. In addition, it is worth making time to visit the Jantar Mantar Observatory. There you can see astronomical instruments of incredible size, the Palace of Winds of Hawa Mahal, the highest city tower Sarga-Suli, the fortresses of Nahargarh and Jaigarh, the temple complexes of Vrindavan and Galtaji.

Shopping: Jewellery & artisans

In the vicinity of Jaipur, in numerous markets you can find dutis – traditional Rajasthani shoes and a huge selection of various gifts. It is better to buy antiques, ceramics, furniture and carpets along Yantarnaya street and near the Zoravar gate. The main shopping arcades are are just behind the Service Apartment in Jaipur, located next to Amber Fortress, where, in addition to traditional souvenirs, clothes, pottery and carpets, tourists are offered a huge selection of beautiful and high-quality jewelry, because this city is considered to be the jewelery capital of India – silver and gold jewelry is made there using precious and semi-precious stones.