Jaipur Gets All the Best tourists with the Perfect Discoveries

Fairytale Jaipur is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan, the birthplace of master jewelers, amazing historical sites and luxurious architecture. The city was built in the XVIII century by the scientific astronomer Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II and is the first city in India to be built according to the unified master plan of its founder. Today, Jaipur is on the list of the so-called Golden Triangle of India along with Delhi and Agra.

There will be a tourist in Jaipur where to really turn around – the city will delight you with picturesque parks, Hindu shrines, a magnificent ensemble of fortresses and castles, museums and, of course, colorful cafes and restaurants. Some are even closed to Service Apartment in Jaipur. Not to mention shopping (lovely ladies are in abundance of captivating jewelry)!

A modern metropolis with a population of several million people is developing very fast and growing, growing, growing, without losing its traditional amazingness and pink-terracotta appearance of houses. Thanks to the latter, Jaipur is also called the “pink city”. Jaipur turned pink as a sign of hospitality back in 1876 on the eve of the official visit of the Prince of Wales. Since 1956, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan.

Tours in Jaipur

The number of tourists dreaming of visiting Jaipur is increasing every day. The Indian city attracts the attention of travelers due to the fact that all the houses on its territory are built of unique pink stone. He became the reason for the popularity of the city. Staying at Service Apartments Jaipur you can visit all the historical places conveniently.

If you dream to go on vacation to the “pink city”, get last-minute tours. They will give you the opportunity to go on a fabulous journey and save a budget. It is especially pleasing that the price of a full-fledged tour already includes visits to local temples, complexes and palaces.

Booking a last-minute trip to Jaipur is based on the climatic conditions of the area. It is hotter here from April to July. Despite the fact that the price of tours during this period is reduced, being in the city is simply unbearable, because of the heat.

Compared with the tourist cities of other countries, a trip to Jaipur can be called cheap. You won’t have any food problems here. Locals at the sight of tourists try to do so to leave them with the best experience.