The Romantic Vacation can help you in sparking the romance in your relationship.

The wedding season is on top, couples are getting married and one the favourite destination for the wedding is, Jaipur, also known as the Pink city. The pink city is also one of the favourite places as a honeymoon destination; also if you are a general couple and want to spend a romantic time then Jaipur can be the best place for you. In Jaipur, you can find a lot of things which would fill your every day and night full of romance. So, here are tips which you can do while in Jaipur:


  1. Visiting the forts and spending some quality time:

Jaipur is full of palaces and forts which were made by all kings and the rulers who used to rule in Jaipur, some of the forts are so beautiful that you will totally be amazed. After taking the walk to the beautiful sites in the palaces you can have dinners in the royal restaurants of the forts and palaces. You will feel nothing less than a prince and princess enjoying the royal dinner and the royal decoration. The forts you could visit are the Nahargarh fort which has a spectacular view especially in the evening, the only thing is that this fort is open till 6. Another fort you an can visit is the Amber Fort, it a combination of artistic elements, architectural building, massive gates which takes you through the Rajput history.


  1. The wildlife adventures:

The best way to increase the understanding and the love between couples is to have some adventures together, hence when you are in Jaipur doing some wildlife adventures is a must for the couples. You can find a lot of adventures sports for an adrenaline rush such as bike rides or off-road biking in kukas, the hot air balloon at amber fort though location varied from place to place, another thing which you can do it the wildlife safari, experience the wildlife from nearby sight. Such experience stays with your life and it helps in keeping the spark alive.


  1. The romantic dinners:

Magic which can be done through dinners in a romantic setting is something no one can surely deny it. Also, it is relaxing and the intimate feeling you can have while doing dinner with your other half gives you a feeling which surely cannot be expressed. So, after day sightseeing, freshen up and ditch the room service because the places which we are going to tell you are surely worthy. Some of the places which can be visited are 1135 AD, located in the highest levels of Amber fort gives you the intimate and royal feel, Padao is another place which is great for romantic dinners, this place is open-air fine dining restaurant located in the highest hills of Nahargarh Fort.


As a couple finding a safe as well as nice and quite for staying in an unknown city was surely difficult but not anymore because service apartments jaipur are made to meet the needs of every kind of traveller, hence no need to worry because with the help of service apartments you can have a peaceful and safe stay at Jaipur with great romance build-up with the help of above adventures.