Tips to choose the best service apartments in Jaipur

Tips to choose the best service apartments in Jaipur

Service apartments are one of the most preferred forms of accommodation for families and corporate people who are either on a vacation or an official tour to the city. It is a temporary form of accommodation that is affordable and at the same time luxurious as well.

A service apartment

When compared to a three star hotel, service apartments Jaipur, definitely score more. That is because, service apartments are affordable, easy to avail and offer you all the luxuries and amenities that are required to live a comfortable life away from home. So what are the main things to be taken into consideration while choosing a service apartment?


Location is one of the main criteria’s while choosing a service apartment or a holiday homes Jaipur. The apartments should be located centrally in the city so that it is convenient for you to travel to work or even going to places.


It is important that some features and amenities are available in the vacation rentals Jaipur. Such amenities include an AC, a room heater, Wi Fi connection, kitchen appliances, a front desk, round the clock security and intercom, laundry services, refrigerator, geyser and a comfortable bedroom with attached bathroom and balcony. Also ensure that, though there is a kitchen in the apartment, you have people to cook for you if required and housekeeping services who can also help in washing the utensils


Always consider the budget before you choose a service rental apartment. Choose from the various features and then pay according to the features you are choosing. Compare with other service apartments and then pay your money.

Service apartments and vacation rentals that match your requirements at affordable costs with all required amenities can make your stay comfortable and delightful at the same time.