Best service apartment available for your choice

The practice of providing so-called service apartments in Vaishali Nagar has been preserved today. Only their number has become much smaller, in order to get such free housing has to stand in a queue for years, and the condition of apartments usually leaves much to be desired.

Let us try to figure out who is entitled to service apartments Jaipur, who can count on getting such housing, have enterprises remained in our country, providing employees with apartments at their own expense, and, finally, is it possible to privatize service apartment, making it truly its own?

What is service apartment?

A https://oliveserviceapartmentsjaipur.comservice apartment in Jaipur is a special category of housing that is provided to a person precisely in connection with his work in a particular organization or in a particular position. These apartments belong to a specialized housing fund.

Thus, in order to get service apartment you do not need to stand in a queue at all or be poor, have many children and are socially unprotected, have some benefits – it is enough to get a job well enough.

Often, service apartments in City centre are provided even to those employees who already have their own housing. True, in another city, where to go to the service every day will not work. In this case, the organization or enterprise where the person works allocates him service apartment.

The basis for the provision of service apartments Jaipur to the employee is: an order on the organization that leases the office space; and the employment contract entered into by the organization with the employee. Tenants of office living space provide it to their employees, categories of which are approved in the prescribed manner, under a sublease contract. The rent for the use of office living space is paid by employees in the prescribed manner under the sublease agreement in the amount of operating and utility costs. Copies of the assignment order and the employment contract concluded with the employee are transferred to the holder of the house within three days.