Your Options for the Service Apartments

How to rent a Service Apartment of the organization or employees of a large company in Jaipur? What problems may arise in the future? What should be considered in the contract with the company and is it profitable for a property owner to rent a Service Apartment for employees in 2019?

Nowadays, there is often a situation when the leadership of an organization invites specialists from the regions to perform temporary or permanent, well-paid work. The first thing, of course, the organization will rent a Service Apartment for their employees.

Is it profitable to take employees?

Often, organizations are willing to pay the rent a little more than other customers. What is the reason? As a rule, renting Service Apartments Jaipur for employees of an individual is much cheaper than a hotel. Secondly, it is very convenient for legal entities in terms of accounting and taxes.

What should you pay attention to the owner of the rental Service Apartment in cooperation with companies? And it should be not only reviews about the delivery of housing from the Internet.

Agreement with a company

The contract can be drawn up with an individual or legal directly to the company. The contract with an individual is made in most cases. The situation is quite common and most preferable – there is one person in charge, and we ask him about it.

The contract with the company is different from those to which everyone is accustomed. In addition to the wording, we recommend paying attention to the terms of payment, the degree of responsibility and the number of residents (in order to save money, firms sometimes try to accommodate as many employees as possible).

Form of payment and taxes If payment occurs in cash, then you should not worry. Non-cash payment involves payments through accounting with the appropriate notifications to the tax authorities. It is necessary to agree in advance on the payment of taxes and include them in the rental price. Hotel, hotel, massage salon and business trips Staff accommodation is the most important point to pay special attention to. Be sure to find out how many people will live and for how long. If this is a business trip for 3 months, then it is quite possible that the Service Apartment in Jaipur is rented for employees in order to save on the hotel. Sometimes firms rent residential property for an allegedly “massage salon”, hiding behind the fact that there will be employees of the firm – 5-6 women. They are willing to pay huge money, but you need to prepare for the possible risks as well.