All about the holi festival in India: it’s all about the colors!

It is often named as the “festival of colors”. ‘Holi’, is the most spectacular festival in all over India.It announces the arrival of spring and the end of winter, symbolizing the harmony of mankind. So, just for one day, the only rule is to have fun. Without distinctions of social class, religion and race. Make all the inequality disappear between the colours of the festival.

History of the festival of colours

Holi is a Hindu celebration, the oldest religion in India. That is why the festival is based on several of its mythologies. One of which is the legend of Krishna and Radha.According to the belief, Krishna loved Radha. But he felt bad because of the difference in his skin colours. Then, following his mother’s advice, he painted his face colourfully to be the same colour as his beloved. So that they could celebrate their love together without judgment.The festival of colours takes place everywhere in India. But the celebration is stronger in the north of the country. A good place to celebrate Holi is Jaipur, Rajasthan.

What more to know of his festival?

The festival is held between the months of February and March.On the eve of the festival, people collect branches and dry leaves. They put the branches and leaves in one place and set fire on it. This ritual is done to symbolically represent the purification of all humankind.

As soon as the ritual is performed, the celebration begins. The streets are taken by several people who celebrate by throwing coloured powder, and paint at each other. If you are looking for tranquillity, a great tip is to take the time to celebrate Holi in the morning.It is a very lively celebration. It is common to hear Indians wishing you a Happy Holi.