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Be A Witness To The Beauty Of Pink City

Come Rajasthan and the first thing that comes to your mind is its capital city Jaipur. It is but natural for everyone to keep on imagining about this wonderful place as there are many heroic tales and historical stories attached to Jaipur. Nonetheless, you can confidently say that India’s history cannot be complete without the mention of this pink city. That is why you must book service apartments Jaipur and explore the nooks and corners of this city known for its beauty and grandeur.

Historic Monuments And Grand Architectures

The palaces, lakes, and colorful attires of Jaipur are a major attraction. Many kings and princes have converted their palaces now into tourist sites so that visitors can explore the way the majesties lived in the era of kings and emperors. While staying at your service apartments in Jaipur, you can hire a guide to tour the various areas of the city and check out the historic monuments and grand architectures.

The market place is also one of the biggest attractions of Jaipur. From traditional clothes with mirrors and unique thread-work to various colorful attires, dupattas, and pagadis, the place just makes you breathless with its hues and shades. Sitting under the sky at a traditional eatery in Jaipur and enjoying its litti-chokha and spicy chach will make you want to come again and again.

With a good guide at your side, it is easier to access the right shops where you can bargain and purchase all the precious things including traditional Rajasthani Jewelries at an affordable price. Since there is so much to explore in this city and around you must stay here at least for a couple of weeks. Only then will you be able to understand the depth of the culture, beauty, and tradition that is an integral part of this city called Jaipur.