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Visiting Jaipur in August – Yay or Nay

Jaipur is a beautiful city but to visit this place, tourists need to be very careful with selecting the time of the visit. As it is located in Rajasthan, visiting this place during the summer months is a big no because of the excessive heat of this time. But, right now, a trend is quite popular among the tourists to visit Jaipur in August. Let’s find out if it is alright to visit Jaipur in August.

Visiting Jaipur in August

July to September is typically monsoon and the reason to visit Jaipur in this season is to see the drenched pink city. August is the rainiest month in Jaipur and the beauty of Jaipur enhances much when it rains. The nature-lovers can find a typical bliss during this season in Jaipur. So, visiting Jaipur in August is always yay.

Yes, due to heavy rain, you may not go for sightseeing, but, from the window of a service apartment in Jaipur, you can enjoy a spectacular view. We believe it will make your day as well.

Is there a photographer in you? If yes, just bag all your accessories and go out. The pink city wears a green gown to amaze you. You will get so many snaps as a memory of the Jaipur trip if you visit this place in August.

In addition to that, a number of events take place in Jaipur in the month of August. Workshops at Arya Niwas, Women’s Adventure Monsoon Drive, and Forhex are to name a few. If you want to see the classy artifacts and ride on a jeep to see the pink city, you have to be a part of these events and visit the city in Jaipur.

August is considered off-season to visit Jaipur. Due to this, you will get service apartments in Jaipur at an affordable price. So, experience a different pink city and pay a visit to Jaipur in August.