Exploring the Art and Jewelry of Jaipur

The city of Jaipur has long been famous for its products with precious stones and various jewelry. Jaipur jewelers are still considered the best in the world – India is justly proud of their wonderful art. For centuries, Indian jewelers have successfully competed with jewelers from other countries. However, gradually the ability to process precious stones begins to be forgotten. In the old days, the Maharajas and know the beauty of the stones valued much more than their weight, now the size is beginning to prevail in many respects, including in the jewelry art. Stay at the Service Apartment in Jaipur and discover the best options.

 The city is famous for its gold products, decorated with enamel, handicrafts made of silver and ivory. Products made of ivory are painted in Jaipur with bright colors and trimmed with thin sheet gold. Chess made in this way looks very beautiful, in which pawns are carved into the form of horsemen on horseback.

Jaipur is famous for its fabrics of the most beautiful and diverse colors

Bale Bazaar – the world of saris and fabrics, you can buy souvenirs. In the bazaars of Johari (part of the day is closed on Sunday) and Sidedeori there are many jewelry shops with gold, silver, beautiful enamels on glass, known as minakari – the traditional art of Jaipur. You can profitably buy cotton fabrics from merchants at the Johari bazaar.

Bazaar Kishanpol is famous for its textiles, especially bandhani (“Indian Spiral”). At the bazaar, Nehru also sells fabrics, jutes, souvenirs and perfumes. Another good place to buy a jute is MI Road. It is better to buy bracelets at Maniharon ka Rasta, not far from the Shree Sanjay Sharma Museum.

Lots of manufacturing and exhibition halls located along Amer Road (Amber Rd), between the gates of Zoravar Singh and the Holiday Inn, attract tourists. Here you will find huge shopping centers selling printing devices, ceramics, carpets and antiques; but the purpose of these stores is to facilitate tourist wallets, so be careful and bargain. For such discoveries you need to stay and for that you need to have Service Apartments Jaipur.



Jaipur is famous for its precious and semi-precious stones. There are many shops with attractive prices, but you need to understand the jewelry. Main place of trade in precious stones – Pahar Ganj area of the Muslim (Pahar Ganj) in the southeast of the Old Town. Here you will see how stones are grinded and polished in the workshops, lost among the narrow streets.