Be A Witness To The Beauty Of Pink City

Come Rajasthan and the first thing that comes to your mind is its capital city Jaipur. It is but natural for everyone to keep on imagining about this wonderful place as there are many heroic tales and historical stories attached to Jaipur. Nonetheless, you can confidently say that India’s history cannot be complete without the mention of this pink city. That is why you must book service apartments Jaipur and explore the nooks and corners of this city known for its beauty and grandeur. Read more

All about the holi festival in India: it’s all about the colors!

It is often named as the “festival of colors”. ‘Holi’, is the most spectacular festival in all over India.It announces the arrival of spring and the end of winter, symbolizing the harmony of mankind. So, just for one day, the only rule is to have fun. Without distinctions of social class, religion and race. Make all the inequality disappear between the colours of the festival. Read more

4 incredible tips on how to choose the best service apartment

Nowadays, choosing a best service apartment can be a complicated thing. There are different options, and making a decision is not always an easy task. Service apartments are mostly favoured by those who are traveling with family for durations of one or two week to a couple of months. So, do you want to choose the best service apartment for your need? Here, we have created some incredible tips for choosing the best. Read more

Service with the Best Arrangements in the Service Apartments Around Jaipur

One of the most recommended destinations to stay in India is the town of Jaipur, known as the ‘ Pink City ‘. The bazaars of Jaipur are some of the most famous in the country, divided by guilds, making it easier to buy from tourists. Lovers of precious stones will be able to acquire here a great variety of jewels at a good price and of authentic quality. Read more

Jaipur Coveting a Perfect Accommodation with the Best Service Apartments

Jaipur is the capital of state of Rajasthan in India. It brings out the royal family that once ruled the locale and presently called the “Pink City for its magnificent building colors. At the central point of its grand street matrix (notable in India) situates the colonnaded, opulent, City Palace complexes. With courtyards, gardens, and museums, part of it is as yet a royal living arrangement. Read more

Holiday Homes Jaipur

Jaipur Visit Becomes Safe and proper with the Best Service Apartments

Fairytale Jaipur is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan, the birthplace of master jewelers, amazing historical sites and luxurious architecture. The city was built in the XVIII century by the scientific astronomer Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II and is the first city in India, built according to the unified master plan of its founder. Today, Jaipur is on the list of the so-called Golden Triangle of India along with Delhi and Agra. Read more

Jaipur and the Best Discovery

Known by its charming nickname “Pink City”, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, a state in northwestern India. The city lies some 260 kilometers southwest of the Indian capital, New Delhi. Visit Jaipur will immerse you in the heart of an incredible heritage, an unforgettable adventure, entertainment and vibrant scents. Read more

Find the most valuable service apartments in Jaipur

There are numerous spots in India that would be recipient to your needs of having a condominium redesigned and very much enlivened delicate to your essence. Regardless, there isn’t such a lot of a spot like Jaipur which would give you prominent culture of life and at the same time would treat you with its aggressive viewpoints. Read more

Jaipur Discovery Like Never Before

Rajasthan is another world within that huge and incredible country called India. It has some of the most attractive and photogenic cities in the country, deserts that seem eternal and an idiosyncrasy that makes this state something peculiar. The city of Jaipur is often used as a gateway to Rajasthan  and is one of the first steps that travelers who visit India usually take for the first time. Book any of the royal hotels with grand view or any of the Service Apartments Jaipur and enjoy your holiday. Read more

Jaipur Blues: what You need to Know About The City

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. Also known as the pink city of India, Jaipur is one of my favorite cities in the country as it is one of the most colorful. See in this post what to do in Jaipur, how to get around and the values ​​of the main attractions staying in a hotel or Service Apartments Jaipur.

Jaipur, the swirling city of India

As soon as you arrive in the city you will notice that all the buildings inside Jaipur’s historic center are painted pink (actually a terracotta tone). However, the story of the uniform color of the buildings goes back to the maharaja who held absolute power at the time. Read more