The Beauties of Jaipur: Exploring the Best

Jaipur is the second “peak” of the Golden Triangle of India. The sights of Jaipur are perhaps even more interesting than the sights of the first “top” of the triangle – Delhi.

It is a big city, with about 4 million inhabitants, but it does not produce the impression of a megacity. There is a subway, a lot of people, but still the feeling of a province still leaves. That is because the city is low-risewith several Service Apartments Jaipur. Whether because the streets are moving a lot of carts, drawn by horses and camels. Whether because the cars on the streets are much smaller than in Delhi. Read more

The Internal Beauty of Jaipur

Jaipur is often called the Pink City, because its construction used a pink stone. Also known, as Indian Paris, due to its beauty and romantic atmosphere. They speak Jaipur in Hindi and Rajasthani. Some of the residents speak English, Sindhi and Punjabi. Read more

The Romantic Vacation can help you in sparking the romance in your relationship.

The wedding season is on top, couples are getting married and one the favourite destination for the wedding is, Jaipur, also known as the Pink city. The pink city is also one of the favourite places as a honeymoon destination; also if you are a general couple and want to spend a romantic time then Jaipur can be the best place for you. In Jaipur, you can find a lot of things which would fill your every day and night full of romance. So, here are tips which you can do while in Jaipur: Read more

The Perfect Tour Around Jaipur

Royal palaces with the pure power of modern India are collective in Jaipur to form something authentically special. This jewel of the north of the Indian country is an ideal place to feel the magic of the subcontinent.

The Jaipur International Airport is about 12 kilometers southeast of the city, and the best way to get to the city is through a prepaid taxi.With a fascinating history, majestic architecture and much to explore, Jaipur offers a fabulous destination in every way. Choose a decent hotel or Service Apartments Jaipur to staying in.

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The Tidbits of Jaipur You Should Know About

Jaipur is the capital of the largest Indian state of Rajasthan, located in the north-west of the country. The second poetic name “pink city” he received for the unusual soft pink color of buildings in the old quarter. This is one of the most visited tourist cities in India, which attracts a huge number of beautiful monuments, a variety of historical attractions, great shopping and a variety of entertainment. Read more

Jaipur Bringing You the best Views You Cannot Imagine

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, was built according to regulations written in ancient canonical texts on astrology and architecture, called “Shastri.” Maharaja Jai Singh II, an expert on astrology, using a set of tools to observe the sky, calculated the position of North India and considered a favorable date for the transfer of his capital from Amber on November 17, 1727. Then he chose a new place for it and planned according to the location of the stars and planets. Jaipur is a legendary city shrouded in medieval spirit and many legends. The walled city, whose walls weathered the piles of many rulers. A city in which exotic nature harmonizes remarkably with ancient architecture and the modern world. While staying in a historic hotel or Service Apartments Jaipur is the part of the history. Read more

Exploring the Art and Jewelry of Jaipur

The city of Jaipur has long been famous for its products with precious stones and various jewelry. Jaipur jewelers are still considered the best in the world – India is justly proud of their wonderful art. For centuries, Indian jewelers have successfully competed with jewelers from other countries. However, gradually the ability to process precious stones begins to be forgotten. In the old days, the Maharajas and know the beauty of the stones valued much more than their weight, now the size is beginning to prevail in many respects, including in the jewelry art. Stay at the Service Apartment in Jaipur and discover the best options. Read more

Finding the Bests of Jaipur in The Perfect Terms

Fairy Jaipur is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan, the birthplace of master jewelers, amazing historical objects and luxurious architecture. The city was built in the XVIII century by the learned astronomer Maharaja Jai Singh II and is the first city in India, built according to a single master plan of its founder. Today Jaipur is on the list of the so-called golden triangle of India, along with Delhi and Agra. A tourist in Jaipur will have where to truly turn around – the city will be pleased with picturesque parks, Hindu shrines, a luxurious ensemble of fortresses and castles, museums and, of course, colorful cafes and restaurants. Not to mention shopping (lovely ladies here in abundance of captivating eyes of jewelry)! Read more

The Best of Jaipur At Your Doorsteps

Jaipur is known among tourists as the “pink city”. If you come here and go to the old quarter, you can see for yourself the real reason for this name. The fact is that all buildings in this part of the Indian city have a pink or terracotta color. By itself, Jaipur is the capital of one of the states of India – Rajasthan. According to the preserved canons of architecture of ancient India, the entire territory is divided into nine sectors of rectangular shape, where the main attractions of this region are located. And do not be surprised if you meet an elephant during a walk, here such a phenomenon is not uncommon. Read more

Your Options for the Service Apartments

How to rent a Service Apartment of the organization or employees of a large company in Jaipur? What problems may arise in the future? What should be considered in the contract with the company and is it profitable for a property owner to rent a Service Apartment for employees in 2019? Read more